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Scorpio-Aromat - 20 years of history or an amazing transformation of the perception of smell, color and taste ...

Russian company LLC "Scorpio-Aromat ™ - producer of food flavors, is preparing to celebrate the 25th anniversary. During this time the company went a long way from wholesale to its own enterprise, built in accordance with the international quality standard.

Currently, the company produces more 10,000 fragrances - dry and liquid forms, fragrances , Natural extracts, emulsions, opacifiers, food additives and other ingredients, as well as flavorings from natural oleoresins and essential Oils (and much more) for of all industries of modern industry since 1993.

And we also produce cosmetic fragrances and perfume compositions.

Slogan "Scorpio-Aromat" : "Perfection of quality is the perfection of taste"

Quality and stability are the main indicator of the performance of an enterprise. The company employs a united and united team of specialists who know and love their work.

Quality policy of "Scorpio-Aromat" LLC includes orientation to the consumer and the market situation as a whole; Use of advanced technologies; Prevention, not the correction of marriage.

The company pays much attention to the development of the program of information technology support of enterprises, holding seminars in the regions; The conclusion of contracts with manufacturers for conducting research work on the development of exclusive flavors and studying the influence of the composition of the flavor on the properties of the finished product, the study of the needs of the market in other food industries, and marketing research as a whole.


In the company's near future:

In 2005, the company "Scorpio-Aromat" put into operation a new plant of food flavors. The complex is located 5 km from MKAD along Mozhaiskoye highway in Odintsovo. The area is about 6000 sq.m. Place

Scorpio-Aromat Food Scent Plant

Headquarters and Sales

Contact phone sales and purchasing department:

+7 (800) 100-73-64 or +7 (495) 935-73-64

Free call on Russia, including from mobile phones by code 800

Free international number + 8835-1000-124-63-75

Address: Moscow region, Odintsovo, st. Zapadnaya 19
(10 km from MKAD, the western industrial zone near the Otradnoe station)

e-mail : info@s-aromat.ru

Mailing address: 143002, Moscow region, Odintsovo, PO Box 1101

Production, storage and development lab:

Tel. +7 (495) 975-94-48 (production, storage)

e-mail: secretar@s-aromat.ru




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View of food flavour plant from the road
View of food flavor plant from the road
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